Why we’re different

Good food and sustainability is in our DNA, because we stem from Australia’s most awarded restaurant group.

Our Philosophy

Burger Project was inspired by the core philosophies and uncompromising ethic that have driven the Rockpool Dining Group for the past three decades. We care about where our produce comes from, we care about those who grow for us, produce for us and supply to us, and we care about treating the Earth well. We proudly support local charities and believe giving back to our communities is paramount.

A word from Neil Perry

Creating a great burger is simple: it’s all about the meat. It must have quality and integrity, and so we take whole 36-month Cape Grim grass-fed beef and grind it in-house to make the patties. Crisp lettuces are leaved and washed, sweet tomatoes and juicy onions are sliced, cucumbers are pickled, and the secret ingredient for a great burger, the secret sauce, is cooked according to our own recipe. For those with a sweet tooth, we churn our own soft serve. And you’ll see all this activity daily from our open kitchen when you come in to order your burger. Almost everything is house-made to ensure freshness and genuine quality… this is at the heart of what we do at Burger Project, and we will never waver from that pledge.

Product to plate


Our beef comes from Cape Grim in North Western Tasmania – home to the purest air in the world and some of the most pristine pastures on the planet.


We believe giving back is paramount and will continue to fundraise through our restaurants, to that end we commit a portion of our turnover to those that need it.


Our in-house production controls our wastage with about 80% of our packaging made from natural or recycled materials. 100% of our packaging is compostable.