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Does Burger Project cater?

We sure do! Check out our online catering form here. Swing by your nearest Burger Project store and pick up your feast in a matter of minutes or get in touch with your store’s team to see if we can organise a drop off.

Does Burger Project deliver?

You can get Burger Project delivered to your home or work via our friends at Deliveroo.

Can I make a reservation?

No reservations just come on in! Don’t worry if you’re part of a large group – there is plenty of seating at all locations.

How can I become part of the Burger Project team?

Thanks so much for your interest in joining the Burger Project team! Read more about what it means to work with us and view available job roles by location here.

Can I get a Burger Project gift card?

Gift cards are coming oh so soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to find out when they’re available.

How are your burgers cooked?

We cook our beef patties to a tender, juicy medium. If that’s not your thing, let us know and we’ll keep grilling your burger until it’s well done.

What vegetarian options do you have?

Our Magic Mushroom Burger is a vegetarian burger and does not contain meat. Depending on location, we may cook in fryers that have also been used to cook chicken.

What vegan options do you have?

Our Magic Mushroom Burger in a Bowl (minus the cheese and the crumb) is entirely free of any animal product.

Can I eat at Burger Project if I have a food allergy?

Please bear in mind, while we take every effort to ensure dietary requirements are accommodated, we cannot be held responsible for traces of allergens.

What are your gluten-free options?

While we don’t have gluten free buns, we do have a great and entirely gluten free option, Burger in a Bowl: your favourite burger, no bun, extra lettuce.

Our beef patties are gluten free and nothing containing gluten is cooked on our grill.

Our crumbed mushroom burger, crumbed chicken burgers are not gluten free, nor are our chips.

Is Burger Project’s meat halal or kosher?

Our burger patties are made using Grass Fed Beef from Cape Grim in Tasmania. This beef is not halal accredited.

We use Lilydale Free Range Chicken for our chicken burgers, which is halal accredited by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.

No meat served at Burger Project is kosher.

Does Burger Project franchise?

Sorry folks, at this time we do not offer franchising.