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Using world class produce makes the worlds best burgers, you can taste the difference.

We started to do things a little differently at Burger Project. Inspired by the famous Rockpool Bar & Grill Wagyu burger, Burger Project was born from the same love of fresh, sustainably-sourced ingredients. We worked hard to find local ingredients; partnering with incredible suppliers and producers who care just as much as we do.

Our entire menu is made in-house daily, from each hand-rolled, 100%, grass-fed, beef pattie, to the sauces for your crispy chips, and the delicious, creamy thick shakes and soft serve!

We have an honest and open approach to our burgers and a shared love of eating them!

A word from Neil Perry

Creating a great burger is simple: it’s all about the meat. It must have quality and integrity, and so we take whole 36-month Cape Grim grass-fed beef and grind it in-house to make the patties. Crisp lettuces are leaved and washed, sweet tomatoes and juicy onions are sliced, cucumbers are pickled, and the secret ingredient for a great burger, the secret sauce, is cooked according to our own recipe.

You’ll see all this activity daily from our open kitchen when you come in to order your burger. Almost everything is house-made to ensure freshness and genuine quality… this is at the heart of what we do at Burger Project, and we will never waver from that pledge.

Our Story

From Farm to Table


We have always spoken highly about those who grow for us, produce for us and supply to us. We will only ever be as good as the incredible produce that comes our way, and at Burger Project there is no compromise. To that end, we owe recognition to the incredible folk who get us there.

You can’t make an incredible burger without world-class produce.

Each and every one of those producers affiliated with Burger Project are a step ahead of the rest when it comes to product and delivery. We take our hat off to them.


We’re committed to using only the best, high-quality, local ingredients in your burgers. All of our beef comes from our friends at Cape Grim, Tasmania, an area that is known for having the cleanest air in the world.

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Our Story


We have partnered and supported a range of community organisations, including OzHarvest, Starlight and the National Indigenous Culinary Institute, which is core to our philosophy.

Our support extends to smaller partners and producers who often get overlooked in such a competitive industry, helping to showcase their produce and craft.


Our Story


We source carefully and responsibly, choosing ethical farmers and suppliers to ensure the very best welfare and sustainability practices have been followed.
Our philosophy is simple: source from the best farmers and producers who care for their herds, flocks and pastures in order to maximise flavour and minimise our environmental footprint.


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