Our Friends

We have long waxed lyrical about those who grow for us, produce for us and supply to us. We will only ever be as good as the incredible produce that comes our way, and at Burger Project there is no compromise. To that end, we owe recognition to the incredible folk who get us there. Each and every one of those affiliated with Burger Project are a step ahead of the rest when it comes to product and delivery and we take our hat off to them.

Cape Grim Beef

Before Burger Project, before Rockpool Bar & Grill, Neil Perry searched far and wide for a signature grass fed beef selection to dry age and cook on the wood fired grill. Drawn to Tasmania where farmers were known for growing their animals to 36 months old – presenting a rich and full flavour on the plate, Neil began a long and immensely important relationship with Peter Greenham and his Cape Grim Beef brand. Due to this entrenched relationship and respect for the product quality, there was no better fit for Burger Project than Cape Grim Beef.

The pastures of North Western Tasmania are considered some of the most pristine on the planet; with the air pollution monitoring station recording some of the most pure air in the world & where the wind blows uninterrupted by any landmass or pollution from Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Cape Grim Beef is grass fed from these very pastures, with no growth hormones or antibiotics. Burger Project is proud to be affiliated with Cape Grim Beef with its distinctive Tasmanian grass fed flavour, ground in house to maintain the quality and integrity we stand for.

Lilydale Free Range Chicken

At Burger Project, we believe in using the finest ingredients, that’s why we choose Lilydale free range chicken for our chicken burgers and wings. Australian owned and grown, Lilydale chickens are raised and tended to by farmers who take pride in their welfare and ensure they’re fed a nutritious diet. Lilydale farms are accredited by Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia (FREPA). It’s important we source our ingredients from locally owned companies, who share the same ethos we stand for.

Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson Quality Foods is the leading purveyor of high quality imported and home grown food in Australia, offering products of the highest quality and integrity; sourced from more than 80 producers internationally and committed to using premium raw ingredients. Quality is Simon Johnson’s obsession, uniqueness is his passion and flavour is his primary objective. These very important factors are exactly why we, at Burger Project, are proud to be affiliated with Simon Johnson.

Valrhona Chocolate

Valrhona is a French chocolatier that has been making amazing chocolate since 1922. Created by and for pastry chefs, Valrhona’s niche is dedicating expertise, high standards and passion to the culinary industry. The finest cocoa beans are sourced and long term relationships with planters and chefs are built on the desire to create delectable chocolate. Valrhona provides Burger Project with exceptional product from which we make a selection of our delicious ice creams, ice cream toppings and shakes. It really is outrageously good chocolate.

Nadur Gardens

Nadur Gardens is the boutique producer growing the lettuce for Burger Project, and it’s grown with burgers in mind. It’s crisp, bright and fresh. Owned and operated by brothers Peter and John Muscat out of Hawkesbury Valley NSW. Accredited by FreshCare, lettuce growing is their business, so they really get it right! The seed is bred naturally by Rijk Zwaan who believe in ‘Sharing a healthy future’ by creating great varieties together with growing partners.

Murray River Salt

Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes are produced from ancient saline waters sourced from underground aquifers found in Australia’s Murray Darling Basin region. The waters contain naturally occurring minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and iodine. The mineralized brine produces a stunning pink hued salt flake that is subtle in flavour and delicate in texture. These features are exactly why we use Murray River Salt at Burger Project; it all lends to creating great flavours.